A Resolutely Progressive Federation

A Resolutely Progressive Federation

The Québec Federation of Real Estate Boards is determined to adapt and evolve in order to meet the priorities and issues of real estate brokerage – particularly those of its members. It has worked hard in protecting and promoting the profession.

For several months now, the QFREB has been undertaking efforts to survey its 13,000 member brokers, such as at the real estate summit held last fall.

For the QFREB, it is essential to do things in the right way. After an in-depth consideration of the comments and suggestions from brokers as well as advice from leading experts in governance and law, the QFREB is pleased to present a new structure that will meet the current needs as expressed by brokers.

Maintain regional decision-making power through improved representation

First, the new QFREB structure will improve regional representation. With new regional boundaries and voting, Québec real estate brokers will now be able to elect a representative from their region to the QFREB Board.

The Board will remain at 15 directors and be composed as follows:

  • Thirteen (13) from the administrative regions elected by brokers in each region. They will come from Québec’s 17 administrative regions, each region representing between 400 and 1,500 brokers.
  • Two (2) directors elected by brokers from the entire province. These directors will not be required to be real estate brokers.

More power for real estate brokers

The QFREB’s objective is to offer brokers greater responsibility – this means that brokers will now be voting members of the QFREB.

So that brokers can maintain their local regional services, the QFREB proposes that Real Estate Boards who wish to continue their activities in their respective regions continue to do so. They would be invited to remain as members of the QFREB and benefit from its services. They would be non-voting members.

Accordingly, each real estate broker may continue to receive the local regional services as usual, either through the regional real estate board or group offering the same services.

Each broker will also be asked to vote only once – in the administrative region where they work.

In conclusion, our proposal aims to continue our efforts to protect and promote the profession of real estate broker while ensuring improved representation and greater power for real estate brokers in the various regions of Québec. At the same time, it would maintain the gains that have made your Federation into an organization known for promoting and defending your interests before governments, consumers and the media.