Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Q. What is the structure proposed by the QFREB?

The proposal gives more power to real estate brokers in the various regions of Québec while maintaining the gains that have made your Federation into an organization recognized for promoting and defending your interests before governments, consumers and the media.

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Q. Why is the QFREB proposing a new structure at this time?

The Québec Federation of Real Estate Boards is determined to adapt and evolve in order to meet the priorities and issues of real estate brokerage – particularly those of its members.

For the QFREB, it is essential to do things in the right way. After an in-depth consideration both of the comments and suggestions from brokers as well as advice from leading experts in governance and law, the QFREB is ready to present a new structure that will meet the current needs as expressed by brokers.

You may recall that in the past months, the QFREB has been undertaking efforts to survey its 13,000 member brokers in addition to organizing a real estate summit at which comments and suggestions were solicited from brokers from throughout the province. 

Q. Will there be an increase in my membership dues to the QFREB?

No increase in dues is planned for the moment. The QFREB is determined to keep dues low for brokers (currently $145).

Q. I am a broker in the new association resulting from the merger of the Québec City, Montréal and Laurentian real estate boards. Can I still remain a QFREB member and benefit from its services?

Yes, absolutely.

Q. Will the regional real estate boards continue to exist?

Yes. So that brokers continue to have access to their local regional services, the QFREB proposes that real estate boards who wish to continue their activities in their respective regions continue to do so. They are also invited to remain as QFREB members. They would be non-voting members.

Q. I am a broker in the new association resulting from the merger of the Québec City, Montréal and Laurentian real estate boards. Can I remain a member of my local real estate board?

The decision to merge the Québec City, Montréal and Laurentian real estate boards was made by some 1,200 brokers who voted in favour of a merger last October. The new association is still a member of the QFREB and the association’s brokers continue to receive services from the QFREB.

However, brokers in the Québec City, Montréal and Laurentian regions will be asked to vote once more on April 17, not on the merger of their real estate boards, but on their withdrawal from the QFREB. We encourage brokers who will be asked to vote on this withdrawal motion to come forward and make themselves heard on April 17. The future of all Québec brokers is at stake.

Q. Did the QFREB discuss its proposal with the new association?

Yes. The QFREB endeavored to reach a win-win solution for all brokers throughout Québec. The mandate of QFREB representatives was to negotiate an agreement with the new association and the seven (7) other Québec real estate boards. 

The proposal submitted by the QFREB intended to bring all Québec real estate boards into one association of brokers, a goal that is also shared by the new real estate board. The Federation was ready to transfer its assets and integrate its services into the new association in order to avoid a duplication of efforts and additional expenses to Québec brokers.

In return, the Federation requested that the association modify boundaries, allow a regional vote and maintain local services in the regions (through real estate boards or groups offering the same services). These measures would have ensured better representation, both for the major centres and the regions.  This offer was endorsed by the seven (7) presidents of the other real estate boards who had committed themselves to joining the new provincial association.

Unfortunately, the association refused.

Q. Why do you say that your proposal would provide brokers with better representation than they already have?

The new structure as proposed by the QFREB would improve regional representation. With new regional boundaries and voting, Québec real estate brokers would be able to elect a representative from their region to the QFREB Board.

The Board would remain at 15 directors and be composed as follows:

  • Thirteen (13) directors elected by brokers from each of the 17 administrative regions. Each director would represent between 400 and 1,500 brokers.
  • Two (2) directors elected by brokers from the entire province. These directors would not be required to be real estate brokers.


Q. Why give the right to vote to brokers instead of real estate boards?

The QFREB took into consideration comments and suggestions that brokers have expressed in recent months. A large majority of these comments suggested a model that gave more power to brokers. We listened to you, which is why brokers would be voting members in the QFREB’s proposal.

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