How to Earn More During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Teaching English Classes Online

Due to the imposed quarantine and for safety reasons, many people are encouraged to stay home. Therefore, the demand for online jobs is increasing, and teaching English online is no exception. There are a lot of English teaching platforms online where you can teach children from different countries. This work usually requires holding a Bachelor’s degree, passing an English test, and having your computer and a decent internet connection. Every hour, you can earn $15 to $24 right inside your house.


Unfortunately, many companies had no choice but to lay off some of their employees, leaving many people without jobs. With the use of the internet, many experienced and skilled people can find work from freelancing websites. They can find many projects posted there by individuals or businesses who pay for a task to be completed.

The earning every hour can be $15, $70, $80, or even higher depending on the work. Nevertheless, getting a certain project is not simple. By highlighting their skills and beating other freelancers, freelancing is a good source of income.


For this job, you need to listen to audio clips, transcribe them, and get paid. The requirements are a high school diploma and a passing score on a skill test. This is good if you want to earn extra since you can earn $250 each month.

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