Designing Hacks for Tiny Houses

Prioritizing Function

Since there is very limited space in a tiny house, the design can end up being disorganized. It can result in a lot of clutter if there are too many items in a small space. Worse, the design could be lost from this. By prioritizing function, it means that home essentials such as tables, sofas, and beds need not be aesthetic only but also functional.

Storage Creativity

Another challenge in designing a tiny house is having ample storage. Although you may have gotten rid of other things, you may still have many things you need. For tiny houses, installing closets and cabinets is not very easy. Creativity is needed to have this kind of storage option. To get an idea, you can check each inch of your house and consider storage everywhere.

Multi-functional Items

As mentioned, tiny houses have very limited space, so you better choose house items carefully. Therefore, you have to focus on the value these can give to your home. It is suggested to get items that are both functional and aesthetic such as a bed that can double your storage. You can choose items that have bright textures, colors, or patterns.

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