Starting A Home Based T-Shirt Business

When many people are entrepreneurial, the competition seems tough, especially in the hoodies business. Many factors also like the location, manpower, and operation costs, putting pressure on the business’s success, and that can either hinder or unlock creative ideas.

But if you are uncertain of the path you are seeking, you can start your business at home, and from there, you can decide whether to progress forward. To help you with that, here are some steps on how to start a home-based t-shirt business.

Create designs for your t-shirts.

This is the very selling quality of custom t-shirts. Designs are all that matters. They can be original, a parody of existing design, an inspired rendition, or just a brand promotion. Ensure that when you pursue to get serious with creating your own business, you didn’t steal or copy any designs owned by someone.

Test the effectiveness of the design.

There is also a sense of appropriateness in the selection of t-shirt designs. You can print a prototype and have it tested in the public. Depending on the reactions you get, you will know whether to improve or to pursue.

Build a business plan.

As you see the effectiveness of your t-shirt, you can now proceed in making a business plan. Setting realistic goals and targets, scheduling operations, and allocating resources are some of the tasks you will be handling at home.

Select a business name.

Like any business, you need a name that represents your brand. You can even draw some creative patterns out of your chosen business name.

Make the planned business legal.

To be a legit business, you are obliged to pay taxes. To be eligible, you have to secure the necessary permits for operating, even if your only marketing platform is online.

Protect the created t-shirt designs.

The designs you make are products of your creative imagination and conscious effort to avoid offending other t-shirt brands. In that sense, the designs are your intellectual properties. So that they won’t be used and taken advantage of by other upcoming t-shirt businesses looking to rival your custom t-shirts, have your designs protected through securing copyrights.

Price the t-shirt accordingly.

This is the tricky part. The price of the t-shirt will always be a major concern for any buyer. Also, not all t-shirts are sold right away, and some can be stocked in inventory even for years.

Therefore, the current pricing will determine the limits of your future productions. Proper pricing can be handled by researching and evaluating the targeted market.

Select a t-shirt printer.

Choose the printer that accomplishes your design goals and also according to your speed of operations. The trial-and-error method is definitely welcomed to practice.

Market the designed t-shirt.

When you are a home-based t-shirt business, your best option for marketing is online, especially social media. One of the most attractive things to the customer is the visuals. They see how the t-shirt looks like and how the designs popped out when worn. Here, you will be applying some digital skills to aid your marketing strategies.


The T-shirt business is a gamble, but it is one type of business wherein you can work for it on certain events and not all the time. You can start and end the business during an event and restart again at the next event. This can also be beneficial to avoid drying out of ideas and to refresh the creative outlook.

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